Puppies for Sale

Amazing Malinois puppies available for sale. Bred for service work, smart, adaptive, and inquisitive. Start with the best-bred puppies for the most successful working dogs.

K-9 “Jones”- Sire and “Taska”- Malinois puppies will be available soon. K-9 Jones (dark mali) is a retired Cincinnati Police Patrol and S.W.A.T. K-9. He has extreme drive, a punishing deep bite, and a solid muscular build. He is a clear headed but serious dog. Taska (black/brindle mali) has extreme prey drive, clear headed social and affectionate. Jones is black with a tan undercoat, Taska is flecked black. The puppies are dark or brindle and on the premises at BP K9 in Cincinnati.

K-9 Jones-Taska puppies