Green Dogs are working dogs not yet fully trained for a specific purpose but they have been evaluated for it’s potential to be a police dog. They have the appropriate instincts (drives) and nerves (courage) to do the task. 10 -14 months old.

We provide some of the finest quality imported dogs from Europe for our Police K9 and Military K9 training programs.  These dogs are meticulously selected to ensure their trainability, sound temperament, drives, and sociability.  Dogs selected for our Police K9 Training Programs come with an industry-leading two-year health guarantee, current vaccinations, microchips as well as hip, elbow, and spine x-rays.

Whether you are looking for “green dogs” for an in-house training program or a fully trained police dog, we offer a variety of dogs and training programs to serve our law enforcement and military clients.  We can provide you with dual purpose as well as single-purpose dogs and can customize training for dogs to meet specific departmental or agency needs.