Detection Dogs

Detection Dog Programs for Schools

We offer detection dog services for schools to increase overall safety for both students and administrators. Our detection dog services are flexible and affordable and therefore, allow schools the opportunity to create a program that will work best for their particular situation.

Private Detection Dogs for Businesses

To help you, we offer a variety of affordable detection dog services for businesses. Our drug detection dogs can quickly and efficiently sweep your place of business to ensure that that illegal drug activity is not occurring. This will often reduce absenteeism, theft, workplace injuries and workers compensation claims. Our explosives detection dogs allow us to provide you with reliable security to reduce the risk of workplace violence.

Private Detection Dogs for Individuals

As everyone feels most comfortable at home, hiding drugs in the home or a personal automobile is a very common occurrence among drug users.  If you have a child or family member, who you believe is using illegal drugs or may be storing and hiding drugs in or around your home, our drug detection dogs can help deal with these issues discreetly, but thoroughly.

Detection Dogs for Sporting Venues and Public Events

With the increase of domestic and international terrorist threats during sporting events and large public gatherings, the need for explosive detection dogs to ensure security during these events is increasing. Our explosives detection dog teams can offer you that security by checking arenas, sporting events, coliseums and other areas. Our explosive detection dogs are trained to locate a variety of explosives and formulas such as TNT, RDX, PETN, Nitrates, Chlorates, TATP, HMTD and can also readily locate concealed weapons and ammunition.

Detection Dogs for Trucking, Shipping and Common Carriers

Shipping companies and common carriers can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars each year due to contraband being smuggled in legitimate loads and without the knowledge of the owner/operator. This problem can cause companies to lose money, time, product as well as valuable equipment. Our detection dogs can assist companies by offering prescreening programs as well as random screenings to ensure that contraband is not being smuggled within legitimate loads.

Detection Dogs for Cruise lines and Maritime Operations

Drug detection dogs can ensure that illegal drugs are not being smuggled inside legitimate cargo loads aboard cargo ships. Explosives detection dogs can provide a sense of safety as a result of prescreening ships prior to departure to ensure that no weapons or explosives are aboard. Our bed bug detection dogs can detect even the slightest gathering of bed bugs before an infestation occurs.

Detection Dogs for Aviation Operations

These dogs can be used to inspect for drugs, weapons, explosives, bed bugs as well as other contraband. Explosives detection dogs can provide security at aviation facilities as well as screen cargo and luggage prior to flights. Drug detection dog services can ensure that luggage and other cargo is not contaminated with illegal drugs and other contraband.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Bed bug infestations have been reported in all 50 US States and the spread of bed bugs increases due to the ease of world travel. Bed bugs are commonly found in homes, hotels, convention centers, theaters, resorts and other locations where the public commonly visits and stays. Bed bugs can cause serious reactions with some people.

Conservation Detection Dogs

Cats, bats, other mammals, snakes, amphibians and reptiles are among just a few of the species of animals that conservation detection dogs can be trained to find. Of special interest are certain endangered species of animal such as the Indiana Bat. When compared to netting, trapping and other methods, the use of a conservation detection dog is often a more accurate method of surveying endangered animals.